Huy Tran (htr3n) is a software researcher and developer. He earned his bachelor degree in 2002 and was a lecturer at HCM City University of Technology, Vietnam in the period 2002-2005. He got a scholarship from Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science, and Research and earned his Dr.techn. in 2009 at Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien). Huy started working as postdoctoral software researcher at TU Wien (2009-2011) and University of Vienna (2011-2017).

Since starting his research in 2005, he had taken part in several European and national R&D projects such as WWTF CONTAINER, EU FP7 INDENICA, EU FP7 COMPAS, and SemBiz. His contributions and interests are in the areas of software architecture, distributed systems, SOAs, event-driven architectures, model-driven engineering, and application of formal methods.

Huy has extensively involved in software development in Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Go, and shell scripting. His research outcomes have been transferred into software development techniques. He developed a view-based modelling framework (VbMF) using Eclipse/EMF/Xtext/Xtend that can be used to design process-driven SOAs and automatically generate code in BPEL/WSDL/XML/Java. VbMF was used in collaboration with some European industrial partners for modelling and generating a demo large-scale loan approval process-centric system.

Huy developed another view-based modelling tool suite for modelling and generating code and configurations for virtual service platforms running on top of Service-Component Architectures and some remote communication technologies such as JMS, SOAP/REST. This tool suite was used to design and implement an illustrative large-scale platform integration solution that incorporating parts of cloud-based Ruby-on-Rails Yard Management Systems, .NET/C++ Warehousing Management Systems, and Java based Real-time Monitoring Systems from European industrial partners.

Some of Huy’s specialities